23 June 2009

acid wash & black.

just change from boots to heels for a great day to night look..

20 June 2009

cfda 2009

source: style

diane kruger.

flawless.. always.

source: style

08 June 2009

chloe sevigny.

i adore these scalloped shorts.. such a great change to the norm.

alexander wang resort 2010.

high heeled creepers.

so i'm not really one for the regular creepers. some can pull it off but not me. however, these high heeled creepers are another story.. where can i find me a pair?!

source : knightcat

05 June 2009

angela decristofaro.

i once worked at an art gallery and one of the artists was a woman named angela decristofaro. i loved her work and still can't get over how good it is, and why she isn't famous.. both are acrylic on canvas, large scale paintings.

socks and heels.

source: ruush via knightcat


i love these potted succulents. its such a beautiful, simple, and easy way to add life and color to any space, indoor and outdoor.

source: athomeathome

dream ring.

h. stern star ring. comes in three sizes. this is the large and of course the one i want. made of cognac diamonds and special h. stern gold that is a blend of white and yellow gold. looks amazing on (yes, i have tried it on. three times to be exact). super sparkly. price $3300.

white dress.

i'm in need of a dress like these ones. it's the perfect summer dress, and with black tights it easily goes from day to night..

ernesto neto @ park ave amory, nyc

i recently visited the installation exhibit at the park ave. amory in nyc.. and i was blown away. i am not usually blown away by art, especially installation pieces, but this one was an incredible sensory experience unlike anything i've every seen before. if you are in nyc between now and june 15th you must go see it!
park ave. amory, 643 park ave. nyc 10065

04 June 2009

kimberly baker.

i love the jewelry by kimberly baker. especially the solid silver pieces. many pieces from her collection are on sale right now at MediaNoche in echo park.. 30% off! 1200 n. alvarado at sunset blvd. a few of my favorites:


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