23 September 2009

21 September 2009

28 August 2009

i heart art.

i discovered this artist, ron van der ende, a few years ago and absolutely fell in love.. i would die to own any one of them! all are made from wood and are basically 2D (flat) with the deepest one measuring 7 inches.. they are also very large measuring around 6 x 4 feet! they are amazingly meticulous and i really appreciate that in an artist. check out his site..

25 August 2009

jeremy scott.

so, was out shopping for the film i'm doing costumes for and ran into mr. jeremy scott at one of my favorite haunts american way vintage! he was so friendly and sweet, and did not hesistate to strike a fierce pose for me.. if you are reading this jeremy thanks! and feel free to send me your rose dress that i've lusted over ever since i first saw it a while back.. (i kid i kid.. but no really..)

20 August 2009


so i recently got hired as costume designer for a short film and have had to do a bunch of research.. which included looking at images from atonement. kiera looks beyond gorgeous in this movie and the costumes are amazing.. if you have not seen it you must, even if just for the costumes.

17 August 2009

16 August 2009

birthday outfit.

bought this hat at a flea market in new mexico.. don't know if i'll actually ever wear it but it was too good to pass up. and check out my new pants (unfortunately they were too big so i'm exchanging them for a smaller size - can't wait to get the new ones)!

hat - vintage, shirt - urban, pants - bona drag, necklace - vintage, shoes - max studio

15 August 2009

how to be an explorer.

stole this from my wonderful friend cole's blog. and he said it right.. how to be an explorer? how to live life..


so.. its my birthday today! and i awoke to a perfect present.. the bona drag lace pants! i've been wanting them for some time and now they're finally mine.. and in perfect time for my party tonight. job well done wonderful boyfriend of mine!

14 August 2009

miss marion.

this artist also does burlesque.. check her out!
miss marion

12 August 2009

i'm back.

just got back from new mexico.. was there supporting a short film i did costumes/wardrobe for.. new posts soon!

me in albuquerque, nm.

04 August 2009

AK vintage. shopmedianoche.

i want all of these. and they're reasonably priced!

rosena sammi.

i need this ring. now.
and it's only $145.

03 August 2009